Our Work

RAA performs two major functions, that enable the organisation to meets its goal as well ensure the sustainability of operations of the rural airstrips.

These functions are the Rural Airstrips Maintenance Program and the Rural Airstrips Restoration Program.

The RAA Maintenance Program is based on a continuous maintenance model. This program is for airstrips that are currently useable and requires minimal work on the airstrips. Read More.

The RAA Airstrips Restoration program is conducted on the airstrips that are deteriorated due to neglect and natural causes and are un-useable. Read More.

Our Equipment

One of the challenges to maintaining rural airstrips in PNG is the lack of equipment that is a) light enough to be transported by helicopter to the airstrip locations b) durable to survive our tropical environment c) a service model to maintain these equipment. RAA scoured the globe to sourced equipment that met these conditions such as tractors, industrial mowers and excavators. The engineering firms that have provided these equipment are also working closely with RAA to modify these machinery to meet the unique conditions of rural airstrips on PNG. As you can see, here even in Goroka, one of their engineers is working hard to make our ditch digger perfect.

Lear more about our equipment here: