Airstrip Maintenance

The RAA maintainence program is based on a continuous maintenance model.

This program is for airstrips that are currently usable and require the minimum amount of work to keep them open, such as cutting grass, checking and repairing surfaces etc. Recently restored airstrips are added to the program after restoration work is complete.

Training of airstrip maintenance officers (AMO) is part of program. The AMOs are from the airstrip community. They are trained to cut grass using a industrialised lawn mower, provide daily reports on conditions of airstrip, cleaning drainages, placing of cone marker, reporting wind sock conditions and more. This enables airstrips to meet the maintenance standard (CASA AC Part 139-6 revision2) and remain operational.

The average cost of maintaining an airstrip in the first year can range between K51,500 – K90,000 and for ongoing routine maintenance (reoccurring cost) is approximately PGK 45,000 – K75,000. These costs include maintenance work, daily reporting, volunteer training, wages, equipment, travel and monitoring visits.

RAA has successfully started the year with an additional 11 new rural airstrips into the maintenance program.

Hey! Tell Your Local MP about our work

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