RAA Equipment

Rural Airstrip Agency has an Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

The work of restoring un-useable airstrips and maintaining the airstrips that are useable requires equipment that is durable in PNG’s demanding conditions as well as mobile enough to be transported to areas that many times, have no road access and are in areas that are extremely inaccesible by boat or car.

As such, much study has gone into sourcing the best equipment for the the purposes of these airstrips. Sometimes we have had to innovate as well.

Most of our equipment such as rock crushers, industrial landmowers and rock crushers are light enough to be transported into site by air, and still strong enough to get the job done.

Our equipment and staff at work 7000 ft high up at the base of Mt Wilhelm, PNG’s highest point.

Hey! Tell Your Local MP about our work

So you have a rural airstrip on your mind. Tell your local Member of Parliament to contact us so we can survey your airstrip and work together to get it re-opened.